denton perry



Jennifer is without a doubt the best and most convincing Marilyn you have ever seen. She has the look, the walk, the figure, and the voice of the greatest sex goddess ever.

Maybe you have
seen her at the:

·  Fox Theater

·  Planet Hollywood

·  Atlanta History Museum

·  Chateu Elan

·  Hard Rock Cafe

"Marilyn" performs at private parties and corporate events. There is no surprise like having Hollywood's most beloved blonde sing Happy Birthday for your boss, husband, sweetheart...

Jennifer as Madonna

You won't see this side of Ms. Perry in a show with the combo. Jennifer's impersonations are booked for corporate events and private parties. You can have the Material Girl perform at your party or special event, or sing "Happy Birthday" to your boss or sweetheart.

Surprise your club or co-workers with a show specially tailored for all of you. People will always talk about the great party you hosted!